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Bees, beeswax and honey...

      Beebop's is proud to locally source our Bee products. The beeswax is used in our lotions, lip glosses and balms. The beeswax has a sweet honey scent and is farmed locally in Sunol, Ca.  The honey is used in our  body wash, our eczema soap bars and is the flavor in our Honey Pot lip glosses.  The honey is collected in Fremont and Union City Ca., thus it has a deep amber color, from the vast variety of flowers and plants that grow in this area.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Local Bee and Honey Farms

Pirate Creek Bees

6503 Calaveras Rd.

Sunol Ca 94586


George's Honey 

In Mr. Mikeys Country store and Deli


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