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Vegan  Nut Free Natural Lotion

Vegan Nut Free Natural Lotion

 This lotion is creamy and hydrating, it contains no beeswax making it a great vegan lotion. This lotion can be customized with or without nut oil. Making it a great option for people with nut allergies. ( and since it is an oil there is no cross-contamination with possible nut oils)

  • Instructions

    Squeeze a small amount onto finger tip and apply onto face. Under eyes, around eyes and around mouth. This all over body lotion can be used well all over as needed.

    When applied to or near lips may leave a strange taste in your mouth .. but it's safe

  • Ingredients

    Aloe barbadensis miller

    nut free oils : Vitis Vinifera, Olea Europaea

    nut oils : sweet almond oil, coconut oil

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