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The Natural Benefits of our Shampoos



           Goats milk has amazing benefits for scalp and hair.  Combined with  essential oils it makes a rich and nourishing texture           that you will notice and love. It conditions and resolves scalp irritations, such as dry scalp with dandruff. The milk naturally has       biotin that supports hair growth  while strengthening hair. We use  Ylang Ylang ,an essential oil  it is added to support hair             growth while cleansing the scalp.


         Directions: It is recommended to use this shampoo 1-3 times weekly and overtime once a week is enough. Unless used for         scalp issues then daily is recommended to get the full benefits of the shampoo.

          Olive oil shampoo has many benefits for your hair and scalp.  We add Ylang Ylang, an essentia oil that supports scalp                health. This shampoo helps reduce oil on scalp and hair by cleansing the excess oil. This leaves your hair clean and less                 oily, which leaves your hair manageable and silky.

           Directions: This product is recommended as a daily routine or down to 2-3 days weekly.

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